Vance Barron, Jr.

John R. Morgan
Immediate Past President

James W. Bryan

Damon T. Duncan

C. Collins Pickup


Nicholas J. Bakatsias
Richard C. Forman
Afi Johnson-Parris
Kenneth R. Keller
Robert J. King, III
Martha T. Peddrick
Parrish L. Peddrick
Sarah H. Roane
Martha R. Sacrinty

18th Judicial District

President: Vance Barron, Jr.
Vice-President: James W. Bryan
Secretary: Damon T. Duncan
Treasurer: Christina F. Johnson

Business & Transaction Section

     The section meets at least once each calendar year for dinner to socialize and discuss current issues of interest to attorneys practicing business, investment and transactional law in Greensboro.  Suggestions for discussion topics or speakers are always welcome.  All members of the Greensboro Bar Association are welcome to attend the section’s dinner meetings (usually held at the Greensboro Country Club), provided that we ask attendees to bear the cost of the dinner, which has in the past been approximately $50 per person.  There are no other section dues.  Members of the Greensboro Bar Association who wish to be included in the section’s mailing list should contact the section head.

Section Head:
Lee D. Hamilton

Greensboro Bar Association