Vance Barron, Jr.

John R. Morgan
Immediate Past President

James W. Bryan

Damon T. Duncan

C. Collins Pickup


Nicholas J. Bakatsias
Richard C. Forman
Afi Johnson-Parris
Kenneth R. Keller
Robert J. King, III
Martha T. Peddrick
Parrish L. Peddrick
Sarah H. Roane
Martha R. Sacrinty

18th Judicial District

President: Vance Barron, Jr.
Vice-President: James W. Bryan
Secretary: Damon T. Duncan
Treasurer: Christina F. Johnson

Law Practice Management Colloquium Series

On March 30, a program entitled “Practicing Law with a Virtual Office” was presented by Stephanie Kimbro of the Wilmington, NC bar. She provided an introduction to virtual law practice, structures of virtual law practice, ethical issues and best practices. To review her presentaion, please view here Kimbro’s Slides.

Erik Mazzone and Afi Johnson-Parris presented the first program as part of a series of law practice management colloquia on October 5, 2010.   “30 Tips in 30 Minutes:  Technology and Law Practice Management Websites”  was received with good reviews and is presented here as 30 Tips Handout to aid other attorneys who were not able to attend the presentation.

Greensboro Bar Association