Vance Barron, Jr.

John R. Morgan
Immediate Past President

James W. Bryan

Damon T. Duncan

C. Collins Pickup


Nicholas J. Bakatsias
Richard C. Forman
Afi Johnson-Parris
Kenneth R. Keller
Robert J. King, III
Martha T. Peddrick
Parrish L. Peddrick
Sarah H. Roane
Martha R. Sacrinty

18th Judicial District

President: Vance Barron, Jr.
Vice-President: James W. Bryan
Secretary: Damon T. Duncan
Treasurer: Christina F. Johnson

Executive Board, Committees & Sections

The executive board consists of five officers and nine directors. The officers serve for one year. The directors serve for three years with staggered terms such that three directors are replaced each year. Serving at the pleasure of the board are a number of committees. There are also five sections, adjuncts to the main organization, which serve special areas of interest. Contact information can be found at this link: 2013-14 Board contacts.


Greensboro Bar Association