Vance Barron, Jr.

John R. Morgan
Immediate Past President

James W. Bryan

Damon T. Duncan

C. Collins Pickup


Nicholas J. Bakatsias
Richard C. Forman
Afi Johnson-Parris
Kenneth R. Keller
Robert J. King, III
Martha T. Peddrick
Parrish L. Peddrick
Sarah H. Roane
Martha R. Sacrinty

18th Judicial District

President: Vance Barron, Jr.
Vice-President: James W. Bryan
Secretary: Damon T. Duncan
Treasurer: Christina F. Johnson

18th Judicial District Bar

The by-laws of the District Bar of the 18th Judicial District are available
current version here.

Attorneys practicing in Greensboro are also members of the 18th Judicial District Bar; membership is mandatory. In September, 2011, the 18th Judicial District was split into two components–one encompassing Greensboro and the other primarily High Point. Attorneys living in areas outside of these two cities were given a choice by the North Carolina State Bar into which judicial district to be placed.

Administration of the 18th Judicial District Bar is located in the office of the Greensboro Bar Association, under the oversight of the North Carolina State Bar–notices and dues assessments are approved by the North Carolina State Bar prior to distribution to members.

The fiscal year runs from June 1st of the current year through May 31 of the following year (and corresponds to the fiscal year of the Greensboro Bar Association). Dues are decided by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting and are assessed on June 1st of each year; a late fee additional is assessed for any dues not paid by August 1. (2013-2014 FEES ASSESSED ARE $20 PER MEMBER WITH A $10 LATE FEE.) Greensboro Bar Association members may write one check to cover dues for both organizations.

All notices are sent via email. It is important that the office administrator have a current and correct address; send any changes to . For any other changes, send them to Kelly Beck ( at the State Bar. Always be sure to include a NC State Bar number with any notification.

The annual meeting is held in April and notice will be sent one month prior with the exact date. Officers will be elected and other business may be conducted. To fill any judicial vacancy, the President will conduct a special meeting (held jointly with the 18HP); notice will be sent to all members one month prior, and a member must be present to vote.

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